Message from Ides support team

We have during the winter 19/20 been working on increasing the traceability on our support cases. A part of improving our whole support management for users of MasterConcept. Our support service is intended for all users ov MasterConcept whether it is user guidence or more advanced troubleshooting.

Automated monitoring

Automation today is supposed to keep you informed on your supportcase. From March 2020 our automated supportagent will monitor cases so you and our support team gets a reminder in cases that require attention. We might need additional information from you or the case is requested to be closed by you.

Our supportagents job is simply to minimize the time between question and remedy.

Changes from March 2020

We urge our users to use the support page as much as possible where support cases are logged. Login with your username and password. If you do not have such credentials please contact Ides custom services so they can help you! 

As a reminder 

Be very specific when you describe your case or formulate your question and try to keep it to 1 question/case. 

We appreciate talking to our users so feel free to call in, as usual! 

If you need to email us please use the address since we like to avoid personal email addresses 

Easy to loose track of when you are in a hurry. 


Best regards, 


Ides Support Team