AB Transitio continue developing their train fleet management by choosing Master concept as the new Vehicle Documentation System, FDS-system.
Master concept will manage technical documentation for the train types OTU, Itino, X11-14 and Coradia.

AB Transitio is owned by 20 regions in Sweden and their task is to procure, finance and administer rail vehicles for their owners. AB Transitio owns and manage 190 trains represented by 6 different types supplied from different manufacturers. A complex diversity where Master concept help AB Transitio to structure and protect vehicle documents in daily use and maintenance.

The decision to award Master concept was made by AB Transitio after a public open bid procedure.

Joint project with an Ides Partner

Master concept is jointly delivered together with Ides partner Sigma IT who have a long experience from delivering solutions within Asset Management. Sigma IT is located in Sweden, Finland and India.

Ides AB launches the next release of MasterConcept, version 20.0.

This takes place at the Ides Community Conferens at Hooks in Sweden

Ides increases its presence to customers in northern Sweden and therefore opens office in Skellefteå from 1 August 2019.

 Ides chooses Skellefteå as the next place of establishment since it is strategically located between the northern and southern parts of the Swedish region, Norrland. Many of Ides customers in the northern region are located between the cities Sundsvall and Kiruna, with a high concentration around the county Västerbotten, which makes Skellefteå a perfect location for business development.

Ides expansion of another office in Sweden is in line with the strategy of delivering MasterConcept for design, maintenance and building construction throughout Sweden.

  -”We have had many good years with steady development of our business both economically and broadening our product. We have had a strong focus on product development within the business areas we deliver solutions to. The strategy is to deliver our product throughout Sweden. ”
Says Lars Geidne, CEO and founder of Ides AB

From the start, the Skellefteå office will serve as a sales office with the goal to expand the workforce to an office with application consultants and education. Ides development of MasterConcept requires a higher delivery capacity and expertise in more business areas and industries.

-” By establishing Ides in the northern region of Sweden, we will be able to work more closely with both existing and new customers in the north. Our goal is to offer a complete solution for companies in the building, electricity, process and manufacturing industries, as well as for plant owners and consulting companies. Our software platform will assist our customers in their ongoing digitalization process. It will be an exciting journey to expand Ides business to the Swedish region Norrland and to our customers there. ”
Says Alexander Tannerdal, Sales Account Manager at Ides in the new northern region.

Address to new office: Kanalgatan 77, 931 34, Skellefteå, SWEDEN.